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The Diana Myth


TimePix photos of Lady Diana provided kindly without permission from Time and Life Magazines.

by James Travers-Murison - has a diploma in journalism, a degree in history/psychology and a Law degree from Monash University, worked for international law and accounting firms and has travelled extensively around the world. In London he encroached upon the hallowed precincts of Buckingham Palace whilst working in KPMG then again in 2014.

This is a social and political comment on the mythical death of Diana with a twist of irony like all ancient Greek tragedies.

My parents separated when I was 12 in a messy blameful divorce full of recriminations and backbiting. Thinking of those lonely days, it is Diana's children who I feel sorry for on the coming of the next 21st anniversary of the Princess of Wales's death, for the rest of their life they will have no mother and for that they will have to find a substitute hopefully in their nation or perhaps Camila. William has now found a substitute in Kate Middleton and they have had their spectacular royal wedding and have three children. Charles is now married to his long time love Carmila at last and a divorcee. Finally the archaic tradition that the monarch couldn't divorce (despite King Henry) has been thrown out by parliament. And Prince Harry is about to wed an American half black divorcee actress in a turn around that confirms the royal family has changed forever to become normal people - almost. Charles has even removed the royal titles from all but his own children and the direct line to the throne. The world has finally grown up largely due to the rebellion of one woman against the hypocrisy of the highest establishment entitled and very richest Monarchy in the world that once ruled a third of the population of the planet.

And even after two decades we have not found a substitute to fill our magazines, which has a bit more substance than Diana, but knowing human nature I think it is highly unlikely we ever will. Yet perhaps beneath all the glitz there is a story to Diana. The owner of Harrods thinks so with the coroner's enquiry he forced on Britain after a decade or more revealing startling evidence over the drunk and provoking nature of the driver with the paparazzi before they headed off that night, and a letter of Diana's revealing she feared her husband would cause her death through a motor car accident.

On the last day of August 1997 Lady Diana Spencer died with one of her boyfriends and an extremely drunk driver. They were speeding, unseatbelted at 105 to 196 kmh depending who you believe, under a tunnel being chased by paparazzi photographers. It crackled over the radio as I woke up and I thought in a way what a relief. She had to be written out of the script, she had just transgressed too many boundaries to remain in this world, taken too many liberties with the royal family, her former husband to be king and even her nation. Or so I thought.

Years later I read some book on astrology, the idiot's guide. It had a section on Diana's death. A massive Solar eclipse, a blocking of Earth's pumping heart, the Roman Christian's Sol Invictus, by the feminine Moon - the symbol of Islam, occurred the day after she died conjuncting with her birth Pluto in her eighth house - all death. Hale-Bopp comet associated with royal deaths had just passed leading to the Hale-Bopp cult suicide deaths. Regulus, the Persian star for royalty and revenge is conjunct her north node at birth in Leo 29┤and on that day it lay like a knife towards her heart.

It appears they rammed into some poor Fiat that was probably toddling through the tunnel before they slid out of control. That is unless there was an MI5 conspiracy given her auspicious premonition in a letter stating she was afraid Charles would sabotage her car's brakes. I am sure it may have crossed his mind given what she put him through. Would one have any sympathy if it was not Diana? Any lesser mortal would be held in disgrace and certainly the driver would have been charged with reckless drunken driving if he had lived. Only her security guard survived. Yet for all her naivety in trusting the press and divulging such intimate secrets about her marriage, that only fuelled her destruction, there lay a story about love and duty, and tradition repressing the archetype figurehead that would so nominally rule over us.

The royalty of Europe by tradition could only marry other royalty of Europe and the situation was by the 20th Century desperately inbred with cousins effectively marrying each other, genetically it was a disastrous brew a boil and innately the progeny of such a genetic disaster must have known their nepotistic fate - haemophilia was already in the family. Why the royals had father's who were so cruel to them, so resentful, and often led them to seek out older women who were married to fall in love with, to commit adultery and to break their own marriage vows. The Queen herself had been subject to numerous alleged affairs by her husband Philip and often they slept in separate rooms and went on separate holidays. Philip Mountbatten, who would have been King of Greece, had they not been thrown out, though totally German, also had a cruel neglectful father and his sisters all became Nazis, their husbands high up in the Wehrmacht and SS. King Edward VII in 1936 had abdicated and then was ostracised for refusing to go along with the traditional hypocrisy of marrying for duty not love, by marrying an American divorcee after a long affair with another married woman. They sought refuge in France and were drawn to the Nazis visiting Hitler and connected to a Nazi plot to reinstate him as King should England be invaded, and it is alleged he responded saying keep bombing London and they'll sue for peace, but then the Royal family was almost completely German with some Danish blood until Elizabeth II. The Queen's own father, the King George V, had an affair with a married woman under David's (Edward VII) influence until he was brought into line and married a very plain aristocrat from Caithness and not royalty and not German - a man who stuttered so badly due to his father's ferocious temper. A strange mix of extreme sensitivity, chivalry and vengeful anger. They were all heavy smokers. Albert, the younger brother, was a soak, bisexual and a drug addict at one stage in Kenya. And this was all in the 1930s. But the stage had been set for the Drama of Diana - little did she know what dysfunctionality she had bought into.

After a few days I actually began to feel quite sad, because somehow there was a sense of death in the English world's collective consciousness. She somehow represented that lost innocence of the young princess swept off her feet by the older prince, who in the end was more flawed than the rest of us and had been caught in his ancestral habit of falling in love with a married woman, Camilla who he had dated when she was single and divorce at that stage was not an option in 1981.

Her marriage fell to bits before the wedding when she realised he wasn't in love with her but Camilla and being only 19 and he the next king and 31, being shy and very sensitive coming from an unhappy childhood due to her divorced bitter and impoverished Earl Spencer, father, she took it very badly. Charles' Windsor aloofness bred into him made it very hard for him to express his feelings and his position meant he simply could not, certainly publicly. The result was bulimia due to a word he and others said about her being chubby. Self harm, tantrums, Prima Dona behaviour, tears and loneliness as she felt utterly trapped as a young woman in a huge ancient established machine that had got left behind in the traditions of a dead Empire melding with a modern free press keen on scandal and gossip to sell their rags to the poor as has always been that English independent entrepreneurial way, but this time shoving their cameras up every orifice.

That the beast of the remnants of feudal aristocracy in the process had lost touch with its heart, with its feelings, with modern reality and more so the royal family knew it, but the investiture it had been given as figurehead of the state through God and Nation and more so all its ritualistic trappings of church, government statutes, and its many employed lackeys compelled it to that abyss. In precis, it failed like most marriages do nowadays. She was sucked into the whole consumer society buying up the most expensive trinkets and dressing in a style most women would never dream of with her endless need to fill that void of an empty heart by gratifying the senses. In the end she was ousted for breaking the rule of not talking to the press about personal life, rather than just separate due to incompatibility as Charles had his affair with Camila, like Princess Margaret, the Queen's sister had affairs with young men whilst middle aged and married, Diana wanted to tell her story, wanted the truth to come out about the cruel hypocrisy of the institution. The result was she was stripped of her royal titles and divorced and the monarchy was forced to modernise and accept divorce by altering statutes and religious tradition not broken since Henry VIII. So like all of us, she was forced out of royalty and all the privileges, money, power, respect given to her for that sacrifice of simple human love that she had been tricked into losing by the dashing sensitive prince, and so she had to control her spending and had a chance at last to find true love for who she was. Finally she was effectively exiled from her homeland by the harassment of the press and her weakness to keep on consuming took her to the hands of a millionaire Muslim playboy.


Perhaps it had to be the son of the owner of Harrods, the most elite super market in the world, that Diana had to seek her affections. Harrods, taken over by Arab oil dollars largely gained by strangling the Christian Western economies. In a world where oil energy is the most sort after commodity, controlled largely by Islamic nations, yet manipulated by the Christian industrial base, their romance had to symbolise the current juxtaposition of the two great Western faiths. Islam the source of the spiritual energy and Christianity the user of it.

And the archetypes had to obliterate themselves in a Parisian tunnel, being chased by the greatest consumers of all - gossip. It had to be a black Mercedes driving into a huge automobile tunnel, because these are the symbols of the ultimate ejaculation of the Teutonic technological "phallic" male dominance.

Paris was the Greek hero who held the apple that was the goddess's prize for being the fairest. He refused to give the apple for the reward of wisdom and authority offered by Hera and Athene. Instead he was seduced by Aphrodite, the goddess of love and gave it to her. Paris, who absconded with then sought to keep Helen in Troy yet failed, had to be the city where they had to die just as Diana had been seduced away from her proper place and taken an apple that was not meant for her but for the wise and fair. It had to be in France, because that is the country of the great romance, the furthest battle ground into Christian Europe by the invasion of the Islamic world, where Charlemagne finally defeated the Muslim invaders in the 9th century and now as a result of France's African colonial past has a huge Arab population.

Diana had to be the Roman goddess of hunting and chastity who was bent on remaining single. She was a fertility mountain and wood goddess of animals, dance and frivolity, imps and elves come to mind. She was the goddess for the slaves who had a holiday on her annual day of worship. Diana is commonly believed to have come directly from the Greek goddess Artemis, the Romans borrowing much of their mythology from the Greeks. Artemis was the daughter of Zeus and brother of Apollo. She was no lightweight goddess, however she always appeared as a maiden, resembling a boy in her strength and wildness. She was the virgin huntress as well as protector of animals.


Artemis the "huntress," in "Diana " by Jean Renoir, (1867).


She was a jealous nature loving goddess, who was often lewdly attacked by those gods desiring her chastity. Her response was always that of a wild animal. When Actaeon spied on her bathing in the wild brooks, she turned him into a stag and had him torn to shreds by her own hounds. Even Hercules came across her on one of his many quests when he pinched one of her sacred deer, the Cyprian hind, she made him promise to release it unharmed. In the end her lover Hippolytus died at the hands of Poseidon's sea monster as a result of a curse by Zeus that went terribly wrong. The myth becomes reality when one envisages Zeus's curse as the Queen's reaction to Dodi.

John Waterhouse's painting of Aphrodite, finding the wounded Adonis

Diana of Ephesus


Dione is the other root of Diana, the feminine form of Zeus, and another name for the great love goddess Aphrodite. A giver of oracles, she was worshipped at the oracle of Dodona equally with Zeus, a spring goddess and a water goddess. To be sacrificed on the last day of Europe's summer, the giver of oracles at the ancient place of Dodona, strangely enough dies in Paris with Dodi.


Roman statues of Diana ---------- JOHN STILLWELL–AP

The cult of Diana in Aricia, Rome barred men and was known for being direct, cruel and scornful, if not savage towards men. The single male priest having to fight in mortal combat to gain his place, possibly human sacrifices were involved. She was patroness of witches and the moon and regarded as a demon by early Christians. Pope John xxii in 1318 accusing some of his court in Avignon of copulating with demonesses called "Dianas".

The real Diana was no angel, spoilt, arrogant and jealously guarding her privacy, which in the end was her undoing when she trusted the devil of the free press with her private life. The rich little girl, who seemed to have everything, yet was miserable largely because the man she loved didn't love her but Camila in a royal triste were all were caught in misery due to the obsolete traditions of the Christian Anglican faith in relation to divorce. That sanctimonious hypocrisy of marriage unto death had to be dealt with at the highest level for the sake of all of us. She could not surrender to royal responsibility of living a lie as the Queen had with her own husband as discrete affairs went on. The concept of a loveless marriage she could not leave drove her to suicide attempts and to have imposed that upon such a young na´ve and simple soul was cruel and thoughtless of Charles when he knew he loved another that he wasn't prepared to give up.

Her sad childhood of many distant nannies and no mother and an aloof father, meant she threw affection on her children and broke yet another tradition of bringing up her children herself without nannies. The process of parental absence and neglect, the distancing of affection that led to the stiff upper lip and inability to show affection that hallmarked the royals was being tossed out for love as she revolutionised the royal household. This led to further rifts as she insisted on Eton and not Gordonstoun, the brutal outdoor school Philip loved and Charles hated was rejected for a place where the children would be near her. There is no doubt she came to understand the role of public service, yet loved her controversial charities, AIDS, landmines, homelessness - in her own pain of not being loved she felt the deepest pain in others suffering and it resonated, she was drawn to them and all the more so because the Queen didn't like the controversy nor the selflessness as it reflected on her lack of concern for these issues. She ominously said she tried her very best to do what she could, gave it everything she had and the task was too great for her. She had a heart, but did she have wisdom, because her failure seems to be in a simple lack of common sense and in way recklessness.

She married young into tremendous wealth and responsibility to become the future Queen of England, and to a man whose father was of course from the Greek royal family - which had probably no Greek blood in it being transported there in the 19th Century. To be fair on Diana, she tried to take on a monolithic task of bringing the royals into the modern age, so she could never win. She had to be subject to the sexual affairs of royal hypocrisy because the system of tradition had trapped them into that suffering, in the end she realised that and didn't wish ill of Charles. She had broken the system, though William promptly married as conservatively as possible and maybe because he had his mother's love and went through divorced parents, he has avoided the pitfalls of the royal curse of infidelity with divorcees. Diana in her love hate relationship with the press who gave her popularity, had to pathetically disclose all the lurid details of her marriage failure to justify her refusal to tolerate a rather inane existence as married to a duty alone and that had broken her heart and trapped her in a world of the Windsor's dysfunctional relationships. Because she didn't have the intelligence or acumen to play the game skilfully and win over her husband from Camila, she ended up betraying not just her husband but the royal family and sadly ultimately herself as a spoilt vengeful fool.

But so too the royal family and Charles especially were weak in controlling their adulterous desires as understandable as they were due to the system they were enmeshed in. He could have forgone Camila and made it binding with Diana that she was the only one, and like his father it was his character flaws and arrogance that thought he could get away with it because he was above everyone else. He could have surrendered to the changes she wanted to make to him and the palace. He did in part, but pride and his own sense of superiority over this young woman, conflicted him. In the end he was bound to the traditions of the institution he was born to rule. Like Zeus with Diana, the old king of the gods was not going to be ruled by her. And sparks were to fly in Olympus.


So Diana had to be the oracle, the wild pagan goddess of chasteness and nature, of female immaturity and frivolity, who had to die with the Christian consumer wealth of a Muslim lover, Dodi (even the name conjures up the thought of the first species found that was known to be made extinct by man - Dodo).

He had to buy her with Islamic oil dollars to satisfy her consumer lust, because that is the myth this current world lives in - the mass exploitation of nature's unconditional wild and untamed love. The Islamic faith, arising in response to a corrupted Christian world, had to be the faith corrupting her and dying with her. And the media had to bring together all the wonderful, beautiful hypocrisy of the whole Diana myth so that the mass of humanity could experience it.


Perhaps that is why in the end I did feel some sympathy for Diana's predicament of inevitably being caught in a far greater machine subject to its own dysfunctional archaic destiny, as one feels sympathy for a big furry rabbit that just sits there and stares at your headlights before you can brake and you can only wonder what on earth possessed it to run in front of you in the first place in that decaying Spencer mansion with the roof falling apart a long time ago after your lover had married someone else, your beloved great uncle Earl of Burma had been blown up by the IRA, Britain was in an economic ruin without an Empire and the welfare state was impoverishing the last of the aristocracy and you were wondering if you as future king was as redundant as the old institution of monarchy - untamed youthful love beguiled you as much as you bewitched it.


In a collective way she has acted as an archetype for our diminishing generation of housewives and secretaries and plenty of new age men, who never really understood what a credit card was and certainly not what the interest accumulating at the bottom meant, other than as some kind of hidden injustice to be blocked out of one's thoughts. The throw away Christian Western society finally threw away their greatest source of consumption, untamed love, in a death with Islam's wealth in a tunnel in Paris.

The fact that she did so much for charities, including third world poverty, HIV and banning land mines, shows that she had a heart that truly cared about misfortune in the world and human suffering. She had been through enough in her own love life. And that great compassion, of the female hunter to her foe, was recognised by the outpouring of grief in Britain and the world on her death. The sea of flowers that followed her hearse may never ever be witnessed again. Because the people in the end recognised her sacrifice to make the needed changes to that redundant system. And the price she paid to make them. The terrible pain of not being loved, of being misled so young about what appeared to be paradise, yet was hell in disguise, because in this world there is a perfect balance and any extreme leads to the opposite to rectify that imbalance.

Perhaps it is fitting that the media killed the goddess of our wild nature with a Muslim millionaire, as well as martyring her and condemning itself and flashing as many close-up pictures of crying mournful royals as it could get its hands on. Strangely enough and befitting of the role of mysticism that still has its part to play in modern society, all my camera equipment was stolen out of my car the very hour she died as I was praying in an Assembly of God Church in Richmond and contemplating giving up my brief foray in the media as a photographer - not of royals but scenery. A final Concorde had to be met as the price Paris had to pay for defying his betters and taking Helen to Troy, so slaying the heart of the wood goddess. Rich German barons were the agreed sacrifice to be made by Air France over Paris as atonement to the British in the mid-Summer of the eve' year of the third millennium to finally free Diana.

And maybe it was the goddesses last word on the poverty and Western sponsored wars in the third world that had her direct Islam to send the twin phoenixes of the New World order into the forbidden Apple. Perish they did into the twin giant thin rectangular phalluses that symbolise the mark of the beast, and reveal the coming of the anti-Christ's New World Order. A third to breach travesty under the pentagon, and a fourth to never reach its presidential fate. For heroes would rise to protect their god, and see an end to peace, Zeus has called for the end of time and judgement day in his "infinite justice"..

Then alas the harlot of Baghdad had to be tamed and invaded, and rebel in the Biblical prophecy of Revelations that the Babylonians must be bought to heel for their evil ways by the latter day Apostate Emperor, Julian of the New World who would fail to conquer. And a new Alexander conquer the Afghans that would also fail. From Damascus, the Syrians will raise up an army of the Islamic State of great barbarity from whence Saul saw visions of the Christ. So the star of Zion could rise again, and King David's temple be rebuilt, as the New World recognised Jerusalem as the capital such that the Messiah could return and end this world by bringing judgement day. And two decades on such a gypsy star may be in the form of a Catherine of the middle ton. A sort of resurrection of the Princess to the English middle way and maybe also to allow Charles' Buddhistic organic back to nature path to rest in fertile peace with Camila and let the Diana ghost's of the past be finally freed. All that is needed now is Prince Harry's wedding to coloured Yank divorcee, a far cry from the fascist Mrs Simpson. And the Church of England to incorporate Buddhism and separate the monarch from being head of the church. Finally, handing over all their wealth and estates to the British people and opening them up to the public as museums with themselves on comfortable state salaries as is the case in most north European socialist monarchies like Denmark. Then they won't be the super rich, but of and more like the people. Still damn site more comfortable than most of us and still under public press scrutiny. That way the last vestiges of gross inequality as well as the ritualistic trappings and hypocritical customs, at least the worst of them can be shoved in the dustbin of time. And maybe no more Diana's will be needed to tame the beast of feudal nepotism without terminating the monarchy completely for a republic. We can only hope William will see the light because of the pain he has gone through due to Diana who he is half her.

"The Sacrifice to Vesta," by Jose de Goya, 1771.


So to quote from the gods, "Long live Artemis, Diana, goddess of the hunter and the hunted! Dione has made her sacrifice to Zeus at the oracle of Dodonis on the last day of summer. So let the beginnings of love's maturity flow for innocence has given its sacrifice! Let the festivities begin!"

But just remember it was spring in Australia.


further reading C.S. Seltman, The Twelve Olympians (Max Parirsh); W.K.C. Guthrie, The Greeks and their Gods (Methuen); M.Grant, Myths of the Greeks and Romans (Weidenfield).

Comforting amputees January 1997 in Angola, while holding 13-year-old Sandra Thijica, who lost her left leg to a land mine in 1994 JOAO SILVAAP

With thanks to People Magazine and Anthony Orr Clarke, Ph.D., 2000 for photography.



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