Help start a RAWFOODS

Naturalist Healing




Help create this dream heaven in our tropics and so ascend to our angelic being.

Begin the path to enter the 7th dimension of light bodies to become liberated from suffering and return to our true god state.


1. Do you know of a place?


We know of a tropical rainforest haven where this adventure can begin. Far North Queensland in Australia, near the port city of Cairns. Safe, modern, democratic, english speaking and Westernized with the ideal climate for living on raw foods. And the glorious Great Barrier Reef..



2. Let us come together.


Are you moving towards rawfoods, are you spiritual, are you free to come and live in paradise, can you work for this VISION? Do you have skills as a healer, natural therapist, architect, environmentalist, administrator, builder, plumber, electrician, carpenter, labourer, gardener, webdesigner or any other skill?



3. Would you like to become part of this?


Would you like to invest in this PROJECT to transform the planet and evolve humanity? Even if you cannot directly participate, you can help fund or supply materials to this NON-PROFIT venture.





James Travers-Murison


Project Eden


Project Eden *

The Community *

Mission Statement *

Project Eden Time Framework *

Proposed Board of Advisors *

Product and Services *

1. Package Health Retreats *

2. Ascendance Meditation and Spiritual Centre *

3. Health Centre *

4. Magazine *

5. Artscentre *

6. Envirocentre *

7. Food *

8. Rawfoods Research Health School of Immortality *

Hi-tech medical scientific research *

9. College of Immortality and Teacher Training *

10. Franchises *

Market Research *

Competitors *

Promotion *

A. Admin *

B. Media *

C. Academic *

D. Promotion *

Investment and Funding *

Property *

Staff and Contracted service providers *

Legal and Contractual Requirements *

Equipment *

1. Vehicles *

2. Administration *

3. Property *

Orchards and Vegetable gardens *

Enviro-centre *

4. Utilities *

Appendix *


A. Immortality *

B. Purification and Happiness *

Raw Logic *

1. Western culture and traditional societies diets – *

2. Harm from cooking *


Fats *

Proteins *

Carbohydrates *


Vitamins *

Minerals *

Plant Protection Factor *

Maillard Reaction *

Ascorbate Browning *

N-nitrosamines *

Heterocyclic mines (HCA) *

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) *

Oxysterols *

Effect on behaviour *

Wild Animals *



Digestive Tract Cancer *

Breast Cancer *

Pancreatic Cancer *

Prostate Cancer *

Lung Cancer *

Other Cancers *

General Results *

Heart Disease *

Stroke *

Hypertension *

Diabetes *

Appendicitis *

Arthritis *

Asthma *

Conclusion *


Protective Factors in Plants *


Disease and enzyme deficiency *

Enzyme Synergy *

Conclusion *

Immune System *

The Future *


II. Oneness - Ascendance Meditation and Spiritual Centre *

III. Benefits to Society and Medical Treatment - Health Centre *

IV. Envirocentre *


Create UOCA world government based on peace *

Profile of Founder *

Physics *

Advertising Poster *


The Community


This is about a rawfood’s community in harmony with nature in the rainforest of deep north Tropical Queensland in Australia. A healing and teaching centre would be included based on alternative healing techniques. A research school would be established which would use state of the art hi-tech scientific research methods supported by government grants, JCU university research faculties into bio-molecular, biochemical, genetics, metabolism enzyme action, endocrinology, and nutrition effects of raw food diet and curing of degenerative diseases, statistically analysed and case controlled.

An environmental conservation centre in which techniques would be taught and used to promote ecological sustainability in the local community – organic fruit orchards, vegetable gardens following permaculture methods. Alternative energy sources would be promoted such as solar, wind and wave generators of power. Low energy devices and EPA low noise producing machines using and emitting minimum pollutants would be encouraged and possibly developed. Solar vehicles, electric mowers, etc. Building and design would be incorporating natural fibres and climate merging into the rainforest greenery and beachfront.

The community would have a nudist culture and include for accommodation an eco-sustainable hotel, rainforest lodges and for dietics a cordon bleu Rawfood Restaurant, Café, Juice Bar, gift shop, organic health food shop and grocery.

Rawfoods is the lowest environmental impact diet on the planet, uses minimum resources and energy to produce and sustain. Agricultural harvesting could be reduced by at least 1000 times if all humans became rawfooders. WE could return this planet to the Garden of Eden it was before civilisation has near destroyed it, if rawfoods became humanities basic diet. Improved health, reduced aging, increased vitality would massively reduce the welfare and medical burden on society so allowing billions of dollars of resources to be spent on a toxic and pollution free environment. The connection to reduced aggression on rawfoods would end all wars and minimise domestic and civil violence and disputes. Thus military and police forces could be drastically curtailed with more financial savings. Recreation, creativity, art and scientific innovation would become the main focus of a new age of peaceful humanity where we become non-separate soul partners on a journey to unity of spirit.




Mission Statement


Motto – Truth, Justice and Purity (of mind, body and spirit)


Through happiness as a daily path creating our dream of an utopia in the tropics so returning humanity to the Garden of Eden with the health of the gods. Enthusiasm through joy will build this natural community to heal mankind of degenerative diseases and provide by the tools of scientific research the means to alter the collective consciousness of society to raw foods, good health and a clean environment, ‘one for all and all for one’.




Project Eden Time Framework


  1. Attaining funding from private and government sectors
  2. Attaining land
  3. Building premises
  4. Employing people
  5. Starting retreats
  6. Creating research school
  7. Expanding community living
  8. Government approval for college of Immortality
  9. Building of college and kindergarten, primary and secondary school
  10. Opening tourist facilities / theme park
  11. Construction of Worldwide Network Headquarters of Ascension
  12. Construction of Garden of Eden World Holistic Lifestyle Community
  13. Liaising with future Cape York Space Port and NASA for Sustainable Interplanetary Domed Communities Research Facility; "raw foods in space – the only choice"



6 mth – 2

6 mth – 2

6 mth – 2

1 - 2

1 - 2

2 - 3

2 - 3

3 - 6

4 - 8

5 - 10

7 +






Note: Project Eden will endeavour to be non-profit community organisation incorporated as a trust with a Constitution protecting the rights and ideals of the Project and those contributing to its creation.


Proposed Board of Advisors

  1. Dana Clare, MA, Dip. NH – Rawfooder of 16 years, natural hygienist, co-founder and contributor to Living Nutrition Magazine, Mental Health social worker for Cooktown.
  2. Anne Clark – iridologist, masseur, aromatherapist, health and well being consultant and author of health and lifestyle books
  3. James Travers-Murison, LLB. BA. Dip. FTW&P – president of Enligtenart and editor of ezine.



Product and Services



  1. Package Health Retreats

    1. R&R Retreat $380/350 conc.

  2. Healthy Living Programme $480/450 conc.
  3. Accommodation fees


  1. Ascendance Meditation and Spiritual Centre
  1. Classes
  2. Relaxation
  3. Vipassana retreats by donation
  4. Positivity Centre
  5. Symbols of ENLIGHTENMENT
  6. Singles club


  1. Health Centre
  1. Memberships
  2. Consultations
  3. Massage
  4. Yoga classes and school
  5. Alternative Medicine Therapies
  6. Hydrotherapy
  7. Sauna and Spa
  8. Gym
  9. Courses
  10. Conferences
  11. Seminars
  12. Lectures


  1. Magazine
  1. Advertising
  2. Subscription
  3. Internet
  1. Artscentre
  1. Art in Life Tropics Club
  2. Music tuition
  3. Concerts
  4. Courses
  5. Training
  6. Dance for Health parties and courses
  7. Painting, sculpture, drawing, pottery and other art forms
  8. Classes
  1. Envirocentre
  1. Tropical fruit experimentation programme (affiliate with Findahorn, Scotland)
  2. Australian Native Bush tucker programme
  3. Natural Fibre Tropical Building programme
  4. Living in Harmony in the Rainforest (Wet Tropics) Research Society
  5. Naturalist Environment Conservation Organisation
  6. Courses
  7. Entry fees
  8. Themepark
  9. Tourists

  1. Food
  1. Sales from a cordon bleu Rawfood Restaurant, Café, Juice Bar, gift shop, organic health food shop and grocery.
  2. Ascension food products and drinks
  3. Health Store in Port Douglas
  1. Rawfoods Research Health School of Immortality
  1. Grants for funding
  2. Selling research to government, universities, private enterprise and research data libraries – Cochran and Medline, etc
  3. Conferences and lectures

Hi-tech medical scientific research

  1. Rawfood Mental Health Research analysis programme
  2. Sexual performance enhancement and sterility research
  3. Molecular biology research
  4. Tropical fruit research unit
  5. Indigenous plants medical properties
  6. Analysis of sea-plants healing effects
  7. Rawfood Cancer Clinic
  8. Rawfood Heart Disease Clinic
  9. Rawfood Drug Detoxification and Rehabilitation Centre
  10. Rawfood to Breatharian Research Foundation
  11. Future interplanetary domed sustainable life research programme


  1. College of Immortality and Teacher Training
  1. fees from courses
  2. Natural Hygeine School - Certificates and Diplomas
  3. Spiritual Realisation Academy
  1. Franchises

To be offered to prospective members and businesses in all of the above areas.


Market Research

Questionnaire to rawfooders on-line

Survey with health specialists









A. Admin

  1. Business card to be produced
  2. Marketing companies have been consulted and one meeting has been attended



B. Media

  1. Rawfood magazines, newsletters and internet sites such as and Living Nutrition Magazine and the Community Network. Link to,, and
  2. Vegetarian and vegan societies in Australia and world wide - Queensland has already been contacted and said they will advertise for free.
  3. Living Nutrition and the Community and will advertise in their magazine.
  4. Articles and letters to the editor are being written for magazines (see TIME May) and newspapers in raw foods, health and local media in Cairns.
  5. TV and radio stations with a community of health programme will be contacted for interviews.
  6. TMMAG.COM ezine will advertise and promote the community and project


  1. Academic

JCU and TNQ TAFE will be contacted about seminars, articles, research connections and grants.

  1. Promotion
  1. Raw fooders
  1. Alternative Health
  1. Yoga
  1. Religious
  1. Environment
  1. Canberra Greens and others make links to enviro-centre and assist in political changes
  2. Link to permaculture community groups through COEV and others
  3. Organic fruit growers community group liaise

VI. Business




Investment and Funding

  1. Eco-village and health resorts will be approached for joint venture initiative
  2. Funding will be advertised for with the promotion (see above)
  3. Chamber of Commerce and the Cairns Regional Economic Development Corporation will be consulted about funding and grants possibly in a syndicate with other businesses and investors.
  4. Universities, TAFEs and the Health Department Federal and State will be approached for funding liaising with for research outcomes and preventative health strategies in the tropics. Esal Telini, Assoc Prof Nutrition at JCU is being consulted.
  5. The Reef Casino fund for community projects is being applied for (requires incorporation).
  6. Eric Storm’s Trust fund for grant
  7. Self-realisation Fellowship of Paramahansa Yogananda to attempt to gain affiliation with and funding
  8. Kevla and Kim from Canberra attain funding for property purchase
  9. COEV officer Geoff Holland is being contacted to gain assistance with grants for the project





Land being sought from the Department of Natural Resources and Mines that has been neglected and in need of rehabilitation that can be used for non-profit purposes. Andrew Hayes at Cape York Natural Heritage Commission has been contacted in relation to a grant and land. Geoff Holland at COEV will be contacted about supporting community development.

Envirofund approached about a government grant to improve native species on land.

Real estate agents have been consulted in Cooktown, Port Douglas and Cairns about suitable properties (see appendix). A plan and requirements has been produced for the community.

Eric Krohn has offered use of his land at Mission Beach to start a community. An envirofund application for $30,000 to assist the Project has been lodged to revegetate his property.


Application for permit to purchase may be submitted to DNR&M via State Land through Anne Myers for Lot 4 USL8462 located north of Bauer Inlet on Weary Bay, 211 hectares of moderate vegetation bordering a intermittent lake and beach between Friz and Gap Creek about 7kms north of Ayton, borders Cedar Bay National Park. Access may be a problem but could be negotiated with the owner of Auravale who I know and Cooktown Council, or across Bauer Inlet. Application for purchase takes up to 18 months, but could be accelerated. Other land is being investigated with local councils.

Home Rules near Rossville could be excellent as it has already been set up as a low cost resort and is isolated and in rainforest. The owners are getting old and their business is not profitable at the moment.

John Fielder has a property at Closhey River near Kuranda that may be suitable as he has set it up with organic orchards for rawfooders and he is getting quite old and may have difficulties continuing to manage it. Perhaps some sort of joint venture could be established with him.

Other places are the Daintree but otherwise Julatten, North of Mossman, before Mount Carbine may be most suitable in price, location and climate.

Alan Simpson at Cairns City Council has been contacted and may try to locate land suitable near Cairns, perhaps near Brimstead south of Cairns.


  1. rainforest
  2. acerage at least 100, preferably 400 (200 hectares).
  3. orchards
  4. houses
  5. resort
  6. health centre
  7. farm equipment
  8. beach
  9. river
  10. isolated
  11. all weather access
  12. airport nearby



Staff and Contracted service providers

  1. Community members and others should provide most of the labour and are being sought (see Promotion)


  2. Yoga centre to be run by Gangeshwarra and Nikki.


  3. WWOOF to provide labour volunteers



Legal and Contractual Requirements

  1. Organise and write constitution based on standard form documents to be obtained from solicitors based on co-operative democratic processes of consensus management
  2. Trust deeds to be obtained
  3. Create a property fund
  4. Licences for community and health resort and shops to be obtained
  5. Insurance public liability and other to be obtained
  6. List of regulations on community to be drawn up and obtained from other similar establishments
  7. Teaching centre to gain government approval
  8. Trade marks protect and any inventions patent
  9. Research centre to gain government approval








1. Vehicles



2. Administration

Information technology systems




3. Property


Orchards and Vegetable gardens




4. Utilities









TO liaise with JCU medical school and biomolecular and nutrition faculties in the Science Schools. Contacting Prof Norman Palmer PhD pro vice chancellor research and nutritional biochemist and Esal Telini, Assoc Prof in nutrition at JCU to gain his support for scientific research programme.

Health Department Federal and State will be approached for funding liaising with for research outcomes and preventative health strategies in the tropics.


Research Hypothesis of potential benefits for humanity:-

Scientifically monitored experimental testing of all variables is envisaged, through use of controls and groups in triple blind run-offs. ie. Patients and Controllers will not know which groups are control or experiment. One group is to be 100% organic fruitarian, two group 100% organic rawfoods including vegetables, three group 100% rawfoods non-organic, four group 95% rawfoods organic, five group 80% rawfoods mix organic and non, six group 50% rawfoods, seven group 35% rawfoods, eight group 10% rawfoods, nine group 100% cooked. Cooked food will be macrobiotic vegan for groups four to five. Lacto-vegetarian for groups six. Raw to lightly cooked fish included for group seven, medium white meats cooked included for group eight and mixed well done for group nine. Eventually each group will be sub-divided to trial sample each different cooked diet above.

A. Immortality

  1. Soma (chromosomes, lycosomes, ribosomes, etc) in cells regenerated by raw foods diet
  2. Reduction of food intake increases longevity
  3. Cooking food creates carcinogenic free radicals / reducing nutrients / denaturing reaction compounds
  4. Caramelisation of soma in cells due to accumulation of fat and sugar
  5. Enzyme systems synergy research in digestive tract – enzyme stomach, total enzyme potential
  6. Effect of raw foods on degenerative diseases and immune system response
  7. Diabetes and sugar levels - enzyme replacement of insulin
  8. Arthritis and effects of enterocyte enzymes
  9. Micro-nutrient effect on health and protective factors in plants - Sapody’s CaPNaK balance system


  10. Millaird Reaction, N-nitrosamines, Oxysterols, PAH and HCA’s as mutogens and metabolic and carcinogenic implications
  11. Cardiovascular, strokes, hypertension and asthmatic effects of rawfoods


B. Purification and Happiness

  1. Raw foods effect on reducing depression and other mental illnesses – ie. Paw Paw’s carpaine acting as a relaxant (Inglett 79)
  2. Analysis of diet effects to see if reduction in violent behaviour both domestically and on all social levels – determine if diet transforms peoples behaviour by alteration in chemical hormonal balance in body affecting aggression areas of the brain..
  3. Allowing of quicker digestion by raw foods effect on metabolism and total energy of a system organism
  4. Removal of heavy loading on body effects on digestive tract and endocrine system
  5. Process system of detoxification of impurities on a rawfood diet built up by cooked and processed foods and chemicals including pollutants breathed in.



Project Eden Research School


Research areas for further investigation:


Raw Logic

Ian Murray’s book Raw Logic Panther, 2000 PO box 750 Woden ACT 2606,

In June 2002 a Swedish scientific research team found 500 times above the UN safe limit for a carcinogen contained in an ordinary packet of chips. Does it matter? Do we care? Should we investigate it further or just ignore that shelf in the supermarket for a couple of weeks? Food for thought in the third millennium.

Murray, an organic chemist, after a bout of cancer started to question his diet and the causes of disease. He read Raw Energy (Kenton, 86) which led to systematic research of the scientific evidence on diet and disease causation. Increasingly his research became a dissertation on for and against cooking food. The results of his extensive research are found in his book.

I have attempted merely to summarise the more relevant hard scientific research, theories and results of his findings below in five sections; which I feel more logically follows from his work (which he divides into four). I have not attempted to critique his book, which does show a degree of objectivity by revealing research not supporting his thesis, though there is a degree of bias towards his conclusions which is to be expected in a book for the public. For those wanting a taste of hard scientific evidence to weigh up the merits of a raw food diet and to determine if there is a connection to disease, please read on.

1. Western culture and traditional societies diets –


Murray discusses the cultural history of cooking in Western civilisation and how it evolved to replace natural raw foods. In Nurition and Physical Degeneration, Price 1939 the diet of Western and traditional peoples were compared. Tribal people examined showed no western diseases in diets where:

Leaf (73) and Gleeson (87) examined centenarians (people living over 100). There were 63 per 100,000 people in Azerbaijan and 3 per 100,000 in the USA. He concludes the diet of 70% plant matter unprocessed and 1800 calories food intake per day on average of these old people was a deciding factor in longevity, along with extended community, exercise and clean air.

Trowell and Burkitt in 1981 showed aboriginal disease increased five times after adopting a Western diet.

2. Harm from cooking


McCarrison in 1920 put monkeys on a cooked food diet of rice, most died within 15-70 days, those fed onions as well lasted longer.

Pottinger (83) in 1930s fed cooked and raw food to cats. The cooked food cats developed infections, long bones, inflammations, allergies, abortions, etc which were not observed with the raw food cats.

Colorectal Cancer
Muscat and Wynder in 1994 determined polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines (HCA) increase on the degree of cooking of meat and are mutogenic, that is permanently change genetic material. Probst-Hensch (97) found 2.2 times greater carcenogenic adenomas in those eating well done meat. Gerhardsson de Verdier (91) found meat cooked at higher temperatures produced 2.8 more colon and 6.0 more rectal cancers. Parnaud and Corpet (97) however found more rats got colorectal cancer on raw vegetables than cooked meat, but low fat and low protein gave less cancer. Voskuil (97) proposed more research into DNA mutations. Kampman (99) found DNA carcinogenmetabolising genes and HCA intake were not associated in colon cancer. The Working Group UK department of Health 1998 stated red processed meat increases colorectal cancer.

Breast Cancer
HCAs are 3.34 odds ratio giving a strong association to breast cancer; De Stefani 97. But Ambrosone (98) disagreed, Snyderwine (98) said it was unknown if HCA has an effect. But Zheng in ‘98 found 4.62 ratio more incidences in well done and increased meat consumption.

Lung Cancer
Denco-Pellegrini (96) found red meat, beef, fried meat and saturated fat significantly increase risk.

Stomach Cancer
Ward (97) found high red meat cooking doneness increased cancer.



Byrne (98) has tried to standardise HCA results. The 98 UK Department of Health Report said 90g cooked meat recommended, over 140g cooked weight is dangerous - Australians consume 230g (uncooked weight) per day on average. They recommended increased fruit and vegetable consumption to five servings per day.




Skurikhin (85) found 6-12%  loss of protein, fat and carbohydrate occurs on cooking and 10-60% loss of micronutrients ie. vitamins and minerals (soluble). Murray charts this on page 45 and 53.




Heating fats gave rise to oxidation causing polymers and peroxides which are toxic; Lang 70.





High temperature cooking creates HCAs that are toxic and carcinogenic, particularly in animal protein. Heat destroys the biological activity and the enzymes digestive potential by breaking the folding that allows it to link to molecules substrates and react with them – denaturation; Wang 95. Tryplophan at high temperatures degrades to carboline which has given cancer to mice; Freidman 88 and LAL lysinalinine synthetic found in processed protein food (pre-cooked breakfast cereals) is biologically active and caused kidney damage to rats but was not mutagenic; Pfaender 83. However Friedman (92) said the effects of LAL must be overcome.



Lang 70 and Fenech 93 both found cooking gave rise to toxic furfural and glyoxal which were genotoxic, formed by pyrolysis from sugars and starch – volatiles from caramelised products.






Cooking in water dissolves vitamin C and B and causes degradation of 10-100% of vitamins – on average 65%; Murray p.53 examines and charts 9 research papers.





Davies and Stewart 87 shows they are unaffected by cooking, but they are soluble so leached out on boiling.



Plant Protection Factors


These anti-cancer agents in plant foods, such as isothiocyanates, oleic acid (olive oil) and B carotene are degraded significantly by cooking; Murray p.55.


Maillard Reaction


Browning on cooking causes a decrease in amino acid survival in particular lysine. Reaction compounds form that decrease digestibility, cause protein damage and nutrient loss. Clastogenicity arose causing chromosome breaks in ovary cells of hamsters; McGregor 89. Kim (91) found active oxygen added to heated glucose reduced mutogenicity. Friedman (91) suggested anti-oxidants to reduce harmful reaction compounds and toxins. Wedzicha (91) said sulphites can inhibit Maillard reaction but their reaction products may be toxic. Yen in 1992 connected heating to increased mutagenic activity in some products but decreased in others. Fujimoto in 1995 discovered hydroperoxides (a Maillard byproduct) and suggested they may cause pathogenesis and lesions in hyperglycemia.

However Chuyen in 1998 said the Maillard reaction maybe beneficial, increasing anti-oxidants, reducing mutagens, and benefiting protein complexes.

Murray concludes mixing and cooking foods to the point of browning them creates many reaction products which are potentially harmful and toxic.



Ascorbate Browning


Sodium ascorbate added to food ie. baked breads, causes a browning which increases toxic mutagens. Protein degradation caused growth inhibition in mice; Friedman 87.


These were shown to be carcinogenic in smoked, pickled, preserved dried by gas and packaged in rubber food products; Tricker 91.

Heterocyclic mines (HCA)


Mutagenicity has been linked to length and temperature of cooking meat; Knize 94. HCAs are modified by enzymes which react with nucleic acids so acting as mutagens. Stavric in 1994 rejected animal studies saying 0.5-3 million times the level of HCA was used in the experiments compared to human levels. Layton (95) said HCA and cancer risk to humans was insignificant. Augustsson (99) found HCA intakes of cancer patients lower than controls. But did he consider the patients may have already altered their diet to reduce risks as a result of getting cancer.

But Pence (98) found rats had high colon cancer rates with high HCA intake, Goodeham (99) agreed. Oguri (98) found anti-oxidants reduce levels of HCA. Davies (95) found amine beef to contain HCAs causing mutagenic activity in human livers. Forman (99) discovered fast acting enzymes CYP1A2 and metabolic rates of individuals may effect how carcinogenic HCA is. Felton (99) researched microwaving and reported if done before frying HCA content was reduced up to 95%.


Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH)


These nasties are created in smoke by charcoal and woodfires. Chocolate, bread and pizzas also contain PAHs. Lijinsky associated them with cancer in 1991. Guillen in 1997 referred to an ‘induced enzyme system’ which biotransforms PAH to an active form and varies in effect depending on each individual’s metabolic system. So making the effects of PAH depend on the individual.




These form when cholesterol reacts with oxygen on increasing heat. Fioriti (67) found auto-oxidation products on heating cholesterol. Dry dairy food and butter were high in oxysterols; Nielson 96. Hubbard (89) connected this to artherosclerosis, but Brown (99) disagreed. Has been linked to eye cataracts, cardiovascular degeneration and carcinogenisis; Girao 98, Kendler 97, Smith 89. But Woods (98) said not genotoxic.

Rabbits on 1% oxidised cholesterol had a 64% increase of cholesterol in their aortas. Lipoproteins atherogenicity is affected by oxysterols; Vine 98.


Effect on behaviour


Beta endorphin levels rise after eating acting as a pain reducer; Matsumura 82. Food appears to affect cognitive performance; Bellisle 98. Hyperactive behaviour was connected to food in particular salicylate allergies; Stewart 87. Reaction products could affect compulsive behaviour. Dressler in 1990 linked emotional behaviour such as violence to an imbalance in neuro-transmitters which are controlled by enzymes in food chemicals. Murray suggests that a 10% nutrient loss combined with toxic degradation products on cooking could cause behavioural changes.


Wild Animals


1.5% of animals at San Diego Zoo died of neo-plasms (cancer) whereas 16% of humans do; Effron 77. Leader in 1975 states arthritis is lower in animals and western degenerative diseases are rare, however he gives no definite research. The lack of degenerative disease could therefore be due to reduced life span due to natural selection in the wild not present in human society, although Murray strongly refutes this. Evidence of human life spans increasing dramatically over the course of civilization suggests that before this when life expectancy was much lower due to natural selection, there may have been little degenerative diseases, because the body had biologically evolved not to degenerate until the age it was expected to die. Therefore disease could be more related to genetic ageing of cells than diet. Wild animals therefore would not show much degenerative diseases because they are living on average the length of life expected before ageing would set in as dictated by natural selection.

Murray on commenting to me on this point said that wild animals do get degenerative diseases before they reach their expected life span when fed a cooked artificial diet. He therefore rather simplistically says life expectancy is 'a red herring' in causing degenerative disease.




Polynesian foods have been found to be anti-mutagenic for their unprocessed fruit and vegetable content; Botting 1999.


Digestive Tract Cancer


20-80% reduction occurred in high fruit diet patients; Winn 95. Carotenes rich in vitamin A had a significant protective effect; Franco 89. Cabbage also for oesophageal cancer; Herbert 93. In general fruit and vegetables protected smokers from laryngeal cancer; Riboli 96.

Nair in 1994 found vegetarians had less gastro-intestinal cancer. Tomatoes raw offer protection; Franceschi 94. Raw vegetables rich in vitamin C and carotene significantly reduce stomach cancer; Boeing 91. Murray confirms this by referring to six other studies all in different countries p.82. Diversity of diet especially in fruit and vegetables reduces stomach cancer. Colon cancer risk consistently can be protected from by vegetables like salads (0.29 odds reduction) and cuciferous vegetables; Young 88. Giovannucci (94) found no association between fibre and vegetable intake and colon cancer, but 3.57 ratio increase for red meat eaters over 5 helpings per week to those eating less than one per month. However both Lee (89) and Thun (92) disagreed showing 0.5 protective effect by cruciferous vegetables. Steinmetz and Potter (93) found eggs increased colon cancer risk in females. The odds ratio for the highest septile of consumption being 6.3! Onions and legumes for women reduced it by 0.5, raw fruit and cabbage by 0.75, garlic 0.68. Kampman (95) found vegetables gave 0.4 reduction. Vegetable fibre gave 0.5 protection and inverse relationship to fruit and vegetable consumption and cancer risk; Ghadirian 97.

Breast Cancer


Walker (95) linked consumption of mono-unsaturated fats and high fibre fruit and vegetable intake of African women to a cancer rate of 1 in 15,000 compared to in the US of 1 in 8. Murray lists a table of 6 reports five of which show raw food in particular carotene as offering a 40-60% protection p.84.


Pancreatic Cancer


Gold (85) and Bueno (91) show raw vegetables and fruit significantly reduce risk in case controlled studies (CC). Cuciferous cooked vegetables also protected. Ghadirian (91) found egg, milk and meat increased risk. Lyon found in ‘93 women only were protected by vegetable fibre 0.28. Howe in ’96 say to date results are inconclusive.


Prostate Cancer


Soy products decrease cancer risk according to Kennedy (95). Weisburger (98) found tomatoes acted as lycopene anti-oxidants especially if cooked lightly in oil. Tea had similar effects. Coghlan (99) found boiling softens cells in carrots, allowing five times better absorption of carotenoids which protects against disease, however the protective effect of the carotene is partially destroyed by cooking.

Lung Cancer


Raw vegetables gave significant protection in a CC study in Japan of ex-smokers; Goa 93. Candelora (92) found carotene gave 0.3 risk reduction. Risk halved by high vegetable consumers in an Ohio prospective study (PS); Steinmetz 93. Banana, pumpkin, onions were great protectors in Indian CC; Sankaranarayanan 94. Green vegetables and carrots not consumed at all by smokers increased risk by three times; Pisani 96.

Other Cancers


Vulvar cancer investigated by Parazzini (95) was inversely related to the consumption of green vegetables and carrots. Thyroid cancer showed protection 0.6 odds ratio for raw fruit and vegetables in particular greens, carrots, citrus; Franceschi 91. Renal cancer was protected from by apples and citrus fruit; Lindblad 97.

General Results


0.2-0.5 protection from cancer by consuming fruit and vegetables; Tavani 95. In a 13.8 year study of 2,000 people 0.5 protection factor was found for fruit in Wales; Hertog 96. On a large range of cancers a statistically significant effect was found for high fruit and vegetable consumption and lower cancer rates, it was suggested a public health education programme was necessary; Block 92. The UK Department of Health 98 working group report recommended increasing fruit and vegetable intake to reduce cancer risk.

Heart Disease


11,000 people in 12 year study of vegetarians showed ischaemic heart disease significantly lower; Burr and Butland 98. Verlangieri (85) in a study of US mortality rates confirmed this as did Singh (92) in a CC where 400g of fruit and vegetables was given prior to every meal.

Visioli (94) revealed olive oil decreased risk by inhibiting lipoprotein oxidation and Rimm (96) exposed cereal dietary fibre as most beneficial, more than fruit and vegetable fibre.

Parodi (97) found folic acid from fruit and vegetables (F&V) depressed plasma homocysteine

levels in cholesterol and fats suggesting low heart disease in the rich French diet due to F&V consumption being high.



Ness (97) found strong protection in a review of 45 studies of F&V intake and strokes. Keli (96) found anti-oxidants and flavinoids (particularly in black tea) and beta carotene gave strong protection, but not vitamins E and C.



Rouse in 1984 researched vegetarians and found lower blood pressure. Raw food had same effect; Douglass 85.




7th Day Adventists taken over 21 years of 26,000 found 50% less diabetes in vegetarians. Cerutti (87) found diets rich in vegetable fibre lowered insulin use but may effect absorption of minor elements.



Green vegetables and tomatoes may protect; Barker 86.



Coconut oil is used for rheumatic pain relief in Pacific Islands; Cambie and Ash 94.


Fasting improves condition and food allergies could worsen it; Buchanan 91. Kjeldsen-Kragh (91) showed fasting and a lacto-vegetarian diet significantly improved patients over 12 months. In 1994 he checked after 2 years and found still significant benefit, but linked it to a psychological belief in the patients in alternative medicine. Seignalet (92) showed on a raw diet 36 out of 46 patients significantly benefited with 19 in complete remission.




Burney (87) connected salt and asthma mortality, confirmed by Medici (93). Soutar (97) decreased vitamin C and manganese intakes increased risk by 5 times concluding diets low in anti-oxidants gave rise to increasing Western asthma rates.



50% lower risk of cancer and other degenerative diseases by consuming five or more servings of F&V daily; Ames 98.









Protective Factors in Plants


Stienmetz and Potter (91) found dietary fibre binds toxins and plant substances can induce new enzymes that detox. He suggested humans’ metabolism is adapted to high plant intake and cancer may result from lack of these substances essential for metabolism.

Cruciferous vegetables induce enzymes that detoxify carcinogens; Prochaska 92. Brassinin from cabbage inhibited mouse lesions on the breast and skin and protects against the initiation and formation of cancer; Mehta 95. Dragsted (93) found antitumourigenic activity from F&V and tea and coffee, cereals, beans and oil which inhibited genotoxins in mice and rats by 55-100%, on average 55%, see Murray’s chart p.96. Fractionated urine from a plant based diet had isoflavonoids containing genistein at 30 times normal levels. These suppress vascular endothelial cells which are necessary for blood vessel growth of tumours.


Anti-oxidants are prolific in plant foods.




They catalyze (speed up) chemical reactions.

They can break down molecules releasing chemical energy. They mediate processes in the cells transforming chemicals to living protoplasm. Raw foods keep enzymes active and intact with the result that the enzymes can be used in digesting food once consumed and therefore reduces the amount of energy required to digest.

Enzymes are proteins made up of amino acids that are folded into shapes that attract by electrical charge substrates of other molecules. These substrates are held and a reaction takes place, the molecule is released and the enzyme reforms itself.

In a metabolic cycle several enzymes in succession breakup large molecules releasing energy. Usually sugars are broken down. Or in reverse an enzyme may build up (synthesis) a molecule such as glucose to glycogen in the liver.

  1. Metabolic enzymes a) break down molecules to maintain body temperature, and to perform the physiological processes of work and motion in the organism; and b) synthesize large complex molecules.
  2. Digestive enzymes break food molecules up; amalyses reduce carbohydrates to sugars; proteases turn protein to peptides and amino acids; lipases convert fats to glycerol. The pancreas produces these enzymes, but they can be produced elsewhere and are present in white blood cells called leucoytes.
  3. Enzyme action is reversible Aó B+C. Where A is the initial molecule and B and C are the products after enzyme action. IF B and C are not removed from the reaction site then they are converted back to A once the supply of A is reduced. Murray tries to explain this on page 99 not very effectively.

Raw foods keep their enzymes so reverse synthesis can occur in the digestive tract to breakdown food molecules. Animals use this process in fore stomachs (ruminants have three stomachs) which have no (endogenous) digestive enzymes and so rely on protozoa and plant enzymes (exogenous) to digest.

Heating enzymes more than 50-80 C destroys their electrical folding and so catalytic ability making them inactive proteins. Pasteurisation does this at 61 C; Dressler 90.



Disease and enzyme deficiency


If there is a malfunction in the enzyme system there is a partial shut down of energy to tissue. Rare genetic diseases may have a complete lack of particular enzymes eg. In Phenylketonuria (PKU), which can be treated by dietary manipulation providing that enzyme. If a digestive enzyme is deficient, supplying the digestive enzyme can rectify the malfunction; Nakamura 98. Enzymes affected by toxins produced similar symptoms to degenerative diseases ie. Krebs Cycle where acetate metabolises to citrate. Sodium fluoroacetate metabolises to fluorocitrate using the same enzyme but will not react with further enzymes in the chain so jamming the path; this enzyme operates in heart muscle so the chemical toxin can cause catastrophic results.


Dr E Howell in 1985 proposed that cooking destroys enzymes giving rise to degenerative disease by increasing pancreatic secretions needed to digest, causing stress to other tissues deprived of enzyme energy thereby ceasing normal function. The medical view is that exogenous enzymes are destroyed by gastric acid juice so are not necessary.


Howell pointed to enlarged pancreas in humans as opposed to raw food eating animals. Maladaption to the environment causes degenerative disease; Eaton 89.

Howell theorises that there is:-

  1. A total enzyme potential = limit on total metabolic and digestive enzyme synthesis = duration of life. Vitality is in proportion to catabolic rate (wear and tear on organism) and this decides the life of the organism. Enzymes levels decrease in tissue over time; Univ Toronto.

    RAW DIET = E digestive + E plant > metabolic potential by supplying enzymes => average life span >

    Animal tests show less calories longer life because less food to digest less use of potential enzymes.

  2. Enzyme stomach exists in our fore stomach (cardiac) which digests using food enzymes for 30-60 minutes. Then the stomachs enzymes pepsin commences to act and gastric acid inhibits the exogenous enzymes. Brook (85) stated the bolus of the stomach has a high pH initially to allow salivery amalese to digest ie. remains alkali. This 1/3 proximal stomach acts as a reservoir while the distal stomach churns and empties; Meyer 87 and Hendrix 80. The findus has few mixing waves to interact with gastric juices; Tortura 81. However, hydrochloric acid secreted by parietal cells exist in 25% of the proximal and 35% of distal; Hogben 74. Howell says the acid is not secreted for at least half an hour and that the bulk of the food in the bolus delays acid action, but there is no scientific data provided by Murray. Howell argues malt amylese an enzyme in barley survives the stomach therefore food enzymes can act regardless of the acid conditions in the intestine later. Enzymes in cereal, grain, and diary products were shown also to survive and Prochaska (94) suggests a disease enzyme theory similar to Howell. Lingual lipase is an enzyme protected by lipids’ substrates from acid; Fink 84.
  3. Adaptive secretion says pancreas secretions adapt to diet, so less enzymes secreted in raw food diet and concentrations of individual enzymes vary depending on enzymes required. [Babkin (1904) found digestive enzymes secrete same concentrations, however 17 research papers since then have refuted Babkin; 800 times more amylase in hen to cat. Goldstein (27) , Abranson (35) and Monad (47) found enzymes systems adapt to conserve energy. Enzymes secrete at different concentrations depending on food intake; Bell 80.] According to adaptive seerology, reduction in cooked or processed fats and oils will reduce lipase in pancreatic juices so reducing enzyme demand on the pancreas. Lipase is unstable and not compensated by non-pancreatic lipase therefore more fat in a diet could cause digestive stress leading to disease; Layer 99.


Eskimos eat raw meat and show no colon or breast cancer. How can they digest a diet of 30-40% fat with little plant fibre using only their own enzymes? Howell asserts it is the retained food enzymes in the raw meat that do the digesting. Murray did not consider that maybe they chew it more so increasing digestion. On further discussions with him he stated it was not relevant.

Raw milk is enzyme rich with at least 30 enzymes which digest fat, sugar and protein in milk, but pasteurisation destroys the enzymes; Fox 81. Lipase helps it become rancid in the stomach. Howell quotes Potter’s book of 1908 which used raw milk to cure diseases, then says raw diary was used in diets of people living 90-100 years.

Comparative organ weights show humans to have comparatively larger pancreas to wild animals.

Industrial society consumes nutritionally dense foods which increase enzyme secretions and so may give rise to increased western degenerative diseases. Confirmed by comparisons with traditional societies.

Research shows protective effects of V&F due to exogenous enzyme action in the metabolic process.

Long living communities consume low density unprocessed diet with 70% plant food and low calories.

Studies show vegetarians have less disease than omnivores.



Enzyme Synergy


Prochaska in 1994 came up with a theory of synergism that "food enzymes interact with enzymes in the digestive tract to maximise the release of thermodynamic energy". Heat destroys food enzymes therefore no synergism less energy and thus abnormalities in the cellular metabolism and so disease. He states that food enzymes can survive grastric acids and act in the intestines ie. wheat bran has phytase that digests phytate in the intestine and yoghurt has galactosidase that digests lactose, and enzymes from raw seeds can inhibit intestinal enzymes. There has been no firm research though Murray later stated to me there had been and was noted in his bibliography.






A living organism is the co-ordinated aggregate of an enzyme system in which the input energy of food powers the enzyme mediated functions of the organism. Disease may be the outcome when:

– 1. Food enzymes are destroyed by heat requiring replacement by endogenous digestive enzymes which overstresses the metabolism.


Watterson (97) suggested enzymes reaction energy causes pressure which is transferred to clusters of water molecules giving rise to motion of the organism. Richards (91) looked at factors controlling folding of new proteins into the active configurations of enzymes so that enzymes might be synthetically manufactured in the laboratory to create bioactive forms for industry. However Murray says there has been little scientific interest or research recently on enzyme systems and disease.

Immune System


Kouchakoff (30) investigated the phenomena that food eating increased white corpuscles (leucocytes) in the blood – digestive leucocytosis (DL). Raw food showed no increase. Cooked an increase, manufactured an increase and a change in proportions. If raw and cooked were mixed there was no DL Cooking had to be at temperatures over 87-97 C. DL carry enzymes which provide back up enzymes to deal with cooked food. He believed that therefore DL was pathological rather than a physiological result of eating.

Gaisbauer (90) found rawfood acts as an immunostimulant by creating antibiotics and intestinal flora. Allergies caused by immunoglobulins were reduced by rawfoods in 8 days.

The Future


Most scientists are not as a priority, researching dietary intake and the connection to disease, because advances in biotechnology have been so great that these are being focused on to solve disease problems.


However, Pritiken’s diet and a general alternative health movement starting in the 70s has been supported by public interest, due to rising health problems associated with processed foods and a questioning of this diet.

Hippocrates health centres use exclusively raw foods to heal disease.

Gerson (90) developed a therapy based on deficiency of oxidising enzymes and a lower than normal potassium to sodium ratio occurring in cancer patients. He used coffee enemas and iodine and potassium salts with 13 glasses of juice and mainly raw food meals to cure 50% of his patients.

Pritiken’s diet gave results of 50% cures to diabetes and 69% to angina. Seignalet (92) found rawfoods cured 19 of 46 rheumatoid arthritis patients based on enterocyte enzymes being non-adapted for modern food in most patients. Diehl (94) showed studies where atherosclerosis was reversible by dietary changes.

Murray concludes the philosophy that biotechnology will provide a cure is the reason why raw foods is being ignored in the mainstream, however independent researchers are beginning to question the old paradigm and there is grounds that medical attitudes are slowly changing to consider diet and health.




Note: references to the scientific papers quoted are contained in Murray’s book bibliography







II. Oneness - Ascendance Meditation and Spiritual Centre


Closer to natural order

Spiritually allows attuning to body and nature

Lightness in body allows heightened perception of auras

Final step to breatharian state and moving to the light body/angel

Loving kindness and compassion is central core of the spiritual progression

Use of vipassana and yoga techniques

III. Benefits to Society and Medical Treatment - Health Centre



Key to true peace of mind – mental health treatment clinic

Cure diseases

Preventative medicine

Bring balance and good health to the community and the public

Teach raw food nutrition and natural hygeine

Provide alternative medicine therapies including massage

IV. Envirocentre


Huge reduction in damage to environment

End exploitation of animals

Sustainable agriculture

Research to determine and enhance organic fruit and vegetables nutrient content

Massively reduce land wastage in food production

Zero pollutant

Processing and industrial waste almost zero

Permaculture techniques

Spiritualisation of food enhancing nutrient value using natural cycles

Astrological impact assessment on natures cycles and plant growth

Self sustaining food mechanism for future domed interplanetary space ports









The global vision – government ideology for future development of society.

James quotes from his diary a crucial chapter in his life:-

"I spent time at the Canberra City Backpackers again in the sauna and spa, it was almost Christmas 2001 and I connected with my father, we spent Christmas together and the next few days, he invited me to stay on in his house, but only if I left at 8.30am and returned at 9.30pm for the 12 days of Christmas. The Sydney fires raged over Christmas and I rang and offered my services to the firefighters. I wrote my government’s policy for the Worldwide Network of Ascension:

The Thousand Year Plan

New system replacing party political system of representative democracy

Combine Nationals, Liberals, Democrats, Labor, Greens into the Unification Organisation of Collective Ascension (UOCA)

Direct democracy participating and voting via cipher encoded signature and web cam via retina detection on the Internet on any and all legislation, regulations, committees and policy

Bring Enlightenment via holistic system of balanced spiritual awareness through health, exercise and nutrition


Create UOCA world government based on peace

End capitalist elite nation state tyranny via people power organising non-cooperation via collectives

Reduce ASIO and other intelligence organisations powers


Remove weapons

Disarm population

Laws to prohibit animal slaughter, harvesting and farming

New Constitution with President and Confederation of States and local communities; Cabinet of Ministers to be elected by all representatives of parliament, eventually by the people via direct vote for candidates.

Prohibit all drugs and cigarettes, alcohol, coffee and tea, and chocolate

Make sugar illegal

Disarm police

Purify water system through biological filtration – remove fluoride and chlorine

End immunisation programme

End animal testing

Start detoxing, re-education and rehabilitation facilities for criminals and social deviants realising it is due to a mental and physical health disorder

Begin deconditioning of population

End violence/ pornography on TV/film, print and computer games/internet – all forms of media

Close all prisons and detention centres

Remove all borders and customs controls

Ban gambling

Make prostitution illegal

All schools government controlled

All business controlled by government

All media government controlled

No free enterprise

Transition to non-profit local collectives

Symbolic translation to higher self

Laws against swearing

End to negative speech and thoughts

Cooking made illegal"





Profile of Founder


James Travers-Murison was a lawyer at Sly & Weigal then a corporate tax consultant at KPMG in London, since then he has spent over 10 years on a spiritual search around the world as a vegetarian, including two years in India. He studied psychology, achieving a high distinction in his first year, economics and modern history as well as law at Monash University in Melbourne. In 1995 he was introduced to the Gospel of Peace of St John and the Essenes at Pascoe River, Cape York., during enlightened experiences with psychedelics, this led to his brief but frightening incarceration in Cairns Base Hospital’s mental detention centre. His crime was communing with nature naked in the bush in one of the most remote and inaccessible national parks in the world, Jardine NP. HE realised then that we do not live in a free society, but a totalitarian state; a two party dictatorship that has its agenda controlled by scientific technical evolution to silicon life with a population sedated and controlled by the machinations of the pharmaceutical and medical industry. An industry not based on health, but keeping people ill and weak, but mostly disempowered and subservient to a system of cruelty and fear having its base in animal testing and ultimately medical experimentation through artificially manufactured chemicals on humans.

In 1996 he stayed with alleged breatharian and Sia Baba devotee Hillarion at Ravenshoe. In 1999 he came across Viktoras Kulvinskas’ Planetary Healers Manual and then the Essene Church of Christ and went on a three month rawfood fast visiting rawfood experts such as Zalan in Daylesford, The Retreat near Kyogle, fruitarian Rene Beresford in Cairns and the inimitable John Fielder at Clohsey River. Going on Rawfood fasts since then, whether for a day or a couple of weeks, he has seen the effects on the body, mind and spirit of Rawfood diets, and its uplifting effect on the soul. He has witnessed terminal cancer patients being cured by Rawfoods.

Having practised many techniques of yoga, chanting and meditation, living in monasteries and ashrams including Osho, Chenrezig, Siddha, Sivananda, Hare Krisna and Satyananda, he became aware of the importance of integrating the intellect with spiritual practices, music, art, diet and physical movements. Learning holistic massage at a Rainbow Healing Festival near Bristol, UK. in 1992, colourpuncture therepy at Osho Multiversity in Puna, India in 1994 opened his mind to alternative medicine. Primal, Tantra, Breath, Modern Dance, Aikido, Tai Chi courses and classes in Puna have educated him in a multitude of techniques for deconditioning the mind. This gave him an awareness of the incredible potential of the human being, and its ability to free itself unconditionally from all suffering and so ascend to an angelic god state, beyond the conception of the mortal mind. To merge with the Higher Spirit’s light body and so incarnate as both physical and angelic beings.

However he was also made aware of the flaws that arise in large religious organisations. Corruption in the guise of attaining spirituality and manipulation in deconditioning techniques, lack of followup were all prevalent in Puna. Sexual experimentation which was encouraged there led him to despair at the abuse of the sacred nature of the sexual act and its isolation from love and commitment. Part of the deconditioning process encouraged the disregard for obeying authority and acting honestly in society on the grounds that it was manipulating and disempowering us and that spiritual advancement must take precedence. This led James to commit two acts of fraud, which were completely inconsistent with his character. He obtained a false visa to stay longer in the ashram and he withdrew the maximum amount he could obtain on his visa card, purchased travellers cheques, sold them on the black market and claimed them as lost. The money was paid to the ashram in return for courses. In 1996 he repaid Thomas Cook an excess of the amount falsely claimed realising that dishonesty is never justified by the ends, nor the corruption of the other party.

As an amateur naturalist photographer and artist, James painted in India and Cape York, also in Melbourne his home town, he realised the dimensions of nature can never be fully captured by man. Currently writing his autobiography, a satirical sci-fi mystery and a film on JC and Tibetan Buddhism; he has done a diploma in Journalism, worked briefly at Canberra Times and written an independent report on aboriginal alcoholism and government negligence in Cape York, which he is applying to turn into a Masters of Law at JCU. He freelanced on social and environmental issues such as logging at Goolengook, human rights abuses in Kashmir and Vietnam. He also writes poetry. He has been on committees to help East Timor and create the ROCKS, an ecologically sustainable community centre in Canberra, as well as developing self-organisation at the Co-op. He worked in Community TV for Optus and Channel 31 and produced a documentary on the Wilderness Society and was working on another on the Torres Strait Island women.

He started an Ezine http://www.tmmag>com/ which is on the Internet.

Having gone to ANU to study astro-physics in 2000, after 2 months he realised the spiritual futility in an academic system, based on cramming information and manipulating mathematical formulas without putting precedence on theoretical knowledge, and a complete absence of holistic integration of body-mind-spirit, which he believes is devolving humanity to bio-robotic life via career-specialisation, and evolving our replacement, an automated silicon intelligence. His universal theory is that the 1st to 3rd dimensions are spatial, 4th time, 5th dimension is gravity. 6th strong nuclear force, 7th electro-magnetism and 8th weak nuclear force, 9th superstring and 10th brane. Each correspond to a yogic chakra point in the human body. They also correspond to evolutionary development in physical nutrition and diet which open up higher dimensions of spiritual and physical consciousness. 3rd dimensional being is a meat eating omnivore, 4th vegetarian, 5th rawfooder, 6th fruitarian, 7th breatharian, 8th ascended being – no breath, 9th demigod or astral lord – astral plane and 10th godhead – ethereal body. ESP, telepathy, psychic powers, astral soul travel and god self-realisation develop in the higher dimensions giving greater awareness and eventually powers over the physical forces contained in lower dimensions (see appendix "Physics").

In 2001 he started a diploma of education at UC teaching Social Sciences, however he quickly realised the system of teaching children was so entrenched in a retrogressive value system it would be almost impossible to change from within. He realised a completely new system of education was required based on a rawfood diet, yoga and spiritual awareness – a prototype system that would allow all children to become geniuses and enlightened entities to lead humanity out of its industrialised robotic compartmentalised darkness.

Recently he has stayed with rawfood yogini Gangashwara, rawfood author of Ecoeating Sapody Brook, Natural Hygenist Dana Clare, Neil Skilbeck founder of the college of Myropractics and lived with Rene Beresford for 6 weeks. Inspired on the Internet by self-proclaimed breatharian, Willey Brooks, he has seen a vision.







Integrating physics with an outline of his vision for a new age is a community of love and health where the aim is immortality, eternal youth and vigour. A reversal of aging through diet then breatharianism to merge the physical with our light bodies. The Brane concept of creation – is that binary brane universes represent the two hemispheres of the pscychocosmic brain, and are linked by 5th dimension gravitational reality. Strong interactions of hadrons i.e. at short range between quarks in nucleons being mediated by gluons; quantum chromodynamics represents the 6th dimension of strong nuclear bonding – metabolically triggered by exogenous enzymes in the fruitarian diet activating genetic amines in the neurons opening the yogic third eye. The 7th dimension / electro-magnetism represents the electric and magnetic fields propagated by the oscillation of an electric charge through interactions of photons, quarks and charged leptons i.e. electrons, muons. Electromagnetic waves are composed of bundles of energy called photons. Intensity of the photons reflects the number of charged leptons and frequency influences their speed upon interaction. The ajna chakra at the crown of the head, enlightenment samadhi is a result of entering the 7th dimension breatharian state where the neurons electrons are polarised spin ½ to calabi –yau deterministic chaos bifurication magic number ½.502 9… (derived from Feigenbaum/Davis 87) so overcoming all quantum fluctuations. The 8th dimension angelic light body integrates into the system Brane and merges with awareness of the forces of weak nuclear bonding between the fundamental fermions; quarks and leptons mediated by photons or neutral bosons (Weinberg-Glashow-Salam model). Charge conjugation and spatial inversion symmetry (parity conservation) are transcended - symmetry broken; e.g. beta decay where neutrons decay to electron and proton giving rise to neutrinos within the atomic structure of matter (Pauli 1930). In this state the necessity for chemical reactions where oxygen is transferred to hemoglobin then transmitted to cells to provide energy is no longer required as cellular energy can be generated through the weak nuclear force. The base constants are locked up in the 10 dimensions. How to solve the standard base unit system from these dimensions should enable all the forces and dimensions of this binary universe to be linked in one simple mathematical representation of creation – Grand Brane Theory (GBT).

Quantum mechanics injected the concept of probability into the universe. Experiments by Davisson and Germer on electrons discovered that a single electron passing through two possible slits, showed interference patterns on a receiver similar to a wave. The electron was both particle and wave, and this could only be explained by reducing the existence of an electron to a probability function of being at a certain location. Matter like energy with the photon had become reduced to a mathematical probability function. Absolutism of Newton’s mechanistic differentiation or calculus was cracked by Einstein’s relativity then finally in the 1920s by Schrodinger where the certainty of the future was taken from us. Future can only be determined as a probability, because the nature of matter is such that its most elemental state does not exist as an absolute certainty.

The only absolute is the various quanta s or packets of energy that make up the building blocks of the universe.

Feynman added another dimension, the effect of the observer. Observation alters the experiments results. Looking at which slit the electron passes through makes the nature of the electron change to that of a particle. As long as it is unknown it acts as a wave probability function, covering an infinite number of paths. "Sum over paths" thus one particle entering both slits.

Heisenberg worked out that when we bounce a wave off an object the information we receive is only enough to determine the object’s position to a margin of error equal to the wave’s wavelength. For a photon, smaller wavelengths mean higher frequency, which allows less error but greater inaccuracy in determining momentum of a particle, because the greater energy of the photon disrupts the particles motion. But why can’t the impact of the photon’s energy be taken account in determining the particles resulting velocity?

Heisenberg mathematically described this problem of location and velocity in terms of precision uncertainty in an inverse relationship. The uncertainty principle.

Einstein fought against this notion clinging to a more mechanistic view of god, but experimental results proved him wrong. Particles have no definite existence. Planck’s constant, the H bar, is the proportionality factor between the frequency of a wave and the minimal lump of energy it can have. Because it is about 10e-30, changes in frequency appear smooth and not as jumps. Einstein connected Planck’s thermodynamic electromagnetic energy equations to light in the form of photons. The photoelectric effect of Hertz found that increasing the intensity not the frequency of photons bombarding increases the number of ejected electrons, but has no effect on their individual energy (velocity). Increasing frequency increases energy but not the number. Einstein proposed that it was individual quanta of light called photons that individually hit the electrons and only if they have sufficient energy can they eject the electron. This individuality or particle nature of light explained the photoelectric effect. The energy of each photon is proportional to the frequency of the light wave - this being Planck’s constant. Thus describing the alteration of light frequency’s effect on electron energy.


The effect of the uncertainty principle or the probability wave nature of particles is that when confined regions of space of dimensions equal to the Planck constant, or more correctly the constituents of space are observed at that level they become increasingly volatile or as Greene describes as "quantum claustrophobia" p.115/. Within the ultramicroscopic realm uncertainty applies to all phenomena including energy and time, thus pinpointing energy and time leads to gross fluctuations described as borrowing, in which a particle can temporarily disappear transmuting itself into pure energy [E=mc2] or penetrate huge barriers, described as quantum tunnelling. An analogy in the human realm is an individual such as Hitler or Napoleon or even perhaps Einstein who as individuals could penetrate and alter humanity on this planet through their supercolossal amassing or temporary borrowing of collective energy to achieve an individual’s goal.

This quantum frenzy meets an obstacle called general relativity. Space-time in the form of special relativity and quantum theory was attempted to be merged by quantum electrodynamics or relativistic quantum field theory. Maxwell’s electromagnetic field was described as quantum field lines of particles of photons. Energy in the form of particles’ masses and their motion vibrate from field to field through space-time.

Quantum chromodynamics was developed to explain the strong nuclear force within an atomic nucleus. And Quantum electroweak theory merged nuclear weak force and electromagnetism giving rise to the standard model of particle physics. Messenger particles, in the form of photons for electromagnetism for instance, constitute the smallest constituent or elementary particle and it is them that transmit the force that attracts or repels across a quantum field. Gluons act similarly with quarks for the strong force and weak gauge bosons with fermions in the weak nuclear force.

Symmetry like a sphere is observed from all directions amongst the elementary particles. For instance quarks show the same interaction regardless of varying observations, even their charge amounts could be changed and they would show symmetry. Gauge symmetry is essential to the stable makeup of the universe, in particular general relativity requires symmetry between all possible vantage points for the gravitational force.

What is general relativity? Faraday’s work on electricity led to Maxwell’s uniting of magnetism and electricity in the form of the electromagnetic wave of the fixed neverchanging speed of light. And light was merely another electromagnetic wave. Einstein asked what if we try to chase after that light and catch it? Impossible? Newton’s absolute view of space and time suggested one could.

Einstein’s special relativity overcame this by tampering with time and space. Force free motion is relative to the observer. There is no absolute motion. MOTION ONLY HAS MEANING IF COMPARED WITH OTHER OBJECTS. Furthermore there is complete symmetry between objects in force free motion. The laws of physics do not change.

Lights constant speed means that two observers in relative motion to each other will not agree on an event occurring at the same time due to the fact that light speed does not alter, instead time dilates and space warps. The time covered to reach X observer from Y object-event will not be altered regardless of the velocity motion of Y. Z observer of Y in relative motion to X, will record event Y at a different time to X. The time covered to reach Z from Y will also be unaffected by Y’s motion.

Distance is a measure about how much space is between two points. Time is the duration between two events.








Help start a





Help create this dream heaven in our tropics and so ascend to our angelic being.

Begin the path to enter the 7th dimension of light bodies to become breatharian and so be liberated from suffering and return to our true god state.


1. WE need a place.


DO you know of a tropical rainforest haven WE could begin this adventure?

2. WE need to get together!


Are you moving towards rawfoods, are you spiritual, are you free to come and live in paradise, can you work for this VISION? Do you have skills as a healer, natural therapist, architect, environmentalist, administrator, builder, plumber, electrician, carpenter, labourer, gardener, webdesigner or any other skill?

3. WE need resources and money.


Would you like to invest in this PROJECT to transform the planet and evolve humanity? Even if you cannot directly participate, you can help fund or supply materials to this NON-PROFIT venture.


James Travers-Murison


Cairns, Qld. AUSTRALIA