The Diana Myth: A surreal and satirical look at the Princess of Wales death and how the 'fates' dictated it all according to the myth of the classical goddess in the light of her son's marriage to Kate.

International Human Rights

Kashmir's War: Travels into India's cold war zone - interviewing a militant Islamic freedom fighter, this is a photojournalist's exploration of this Muslim state caught between Pakistan and the Hindu giant. Next edition we discuss solutions and reasons with the General-Secretary of the JKLF.

My Lai: An American atrocity revisited - an historical analysis of the U.S. massacre of a village in the Vietnam War. Next edition re-examines why this command failure occurred and sheds new light on who in fact may have been responsible.


Goolengook: "The Kennet Government cover-up of its own scientific reports opposing 'old growth forest' logging in East Gippsland." - first in an investigative environmental series of articles on the DNRE's justification for logging an unique area of temperate and cool rainforest and the truth that came out through their scientists and finally led to it being declared a national park.



Lockhart River: An example of Aboriginal success or failure? - a journey into an Aboriginal community that was destroying itself through drugs and alcohol, investigating why the Australian government has allowed this to occur and how the community came to ban alcohol after we intervened.


Dating Fraud: A story of single's computer dating fraud and an attempt to gain recompense using the consumer affairs agency and the police. How to avoid the problem and deal successfully with dating agencies.


Clinton's Anti-Personal Mind: An opinion on America's ex-President and how it affected the next Presidents and led to his wife's loss to Trump. His use of force and drift to the right, making a comparison to Justinian's reign and the collapse of the Roman Empire


Second Referendum for an Australian Republic if G-G goes?: An editorial piece on Australia's need for patriotism. Reluctant Republicanism due to betrayal in the referendum, the need for Presidential powers and a new constitution to properly replace the check the Crown provides and how Turnbull may be able to achieve the impossible.

General Interest

Genology: Hyphenated Names - trying to adopt a system of equality in surnames between the sexes - an article attempting to resolve the paternalistic system of hereditary surnames in the new society of equal opportunity.


Coming soon!


Project Eden: Utopia in the tropics - this is the plan for a rawfood community in Australia, supported by scientific research to begin to investigate the solution to degenerative diseases, ageing and the spiritual quest for immortality. Embracing sustainable hi-tech environmentally controlled in synchronicity with Gaia.

Osho Samaya: self explore and open to love at this unique retreat destination with a living master - Samaya is a beautiful 100 acre bushland property nestled in the lush hinterland of Rosebank, 30 minutes from Byron Bay. Open your heart in an unique retreat where you join a family and the focus is to celebrate sexual freedom, the ecstasy, joy and spirit of life. But is it all it seems, owned by an enlightened master living there from Italy who is a guru of both light and dark, who is willing to take people beyond the beyond, it is far more than just a retreat!


The CHRIST OF KLON SAGA: Ophicius A Templar fantasy - a manuscript leads an investigative journalist through a nuclear conspiracy in Pakistan, a terrorist attack and to the cathedrals and chateaux of France (then the monasteries of Spain) to the Sion and The Time Lords - Dr Who. A serialised sci-fi fantasy fan fiction novel historically based on the Templars and the mystical Order of Sion and The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail.

East doesn't quite meet West: Story of the emotional conflict between an old vicar with his conservative Born Again Christian values and a young seeker exploring Eastern religions who points out the cruel hypocrisy in Christianity that seeks to dominate over nature rather than embrace it.


Marigolds in the light of Wordsworth: An epitaph to a god mother of a son of a major in the grand old Gordon Highlanders.

Wendy: Destitute and borderline insane, aspiring artist and actress ends up in a battle on the streets of St Kilda with visions of Tasmania.


Diary of a lost backpacker: Zany travels broke through tropical North Australia in search of raw foods, women, yoga, discos, a good time and work on the reef.

Victoria Falls: Luxury resorts amidst terrorists that are colonial relics of the past, steam trains through Safari Parks and young romance tells a love story of Zimbabwe just after independence.

Cairns Connect: Step off the plane in Cairns, and that’s it! You’re on holiday. The warm, humid air melts your stiff body and the perfume from the frangipani trees immediately switches your tired brain into vacation mode.

The Dive: A photo story of a student's dive for his PADI in the Great Barrier Reef off the Whitsundays.

On Being A Divemaster Trainee The perils of being a trainee at the mercy of dive companies in Cairns can lead to breaches in workplace safety. It appears there is little recourse in which the authorities can prevent or change these poor practices.

Dive Trainees seek fair wages: Senator Jan McLucas sees that there is a problem that needs solving with the Cairns Dive Tourist Industry. She believes that the Dive Master Trainee's should be placed under the State Training Council's traineeship program and be paid a fair wage and train Australian youth rather than foreign backpackers.


Coming soon!


The Advertisers' Trends: Internet or Printed Media? The question for a lot of companies is where to advertise - in a magazine or on the Internet? And where on the Internet without being ripped off? Ecommerce billions in Australia.

Is Internet news replacing television news? And will online magazines be viable with social media going berko creating its often contraversial and fake news?



Book Review:

The Great Media Debate - Barry Lowe's - "Media Mythologies" reviewed in the context of who decides what we consume - the consumer or the media? Or neither and both feeding off each other creating a false and very deceptive reality for all?

Our Pick of weird Golden Oldie Classic DVD Video Reviews: 

  • Virgin Suicides: **** This film almost has it. We start in middle class affluent America of the 70's. The beautiful innocent young America with its catholic naivety and young cherubs bursting with anticipation for love.

  • Supernova: * This film with fairly unknown actors is about a fairly remote portion of the galaxy and should have been made in Italy, because that's about as close it gets to a supernova. The young and sexually exuberant crew of the paramedic ship receives a distress call from a rogue moon.

Film projects:Treatment {if you are interested in a film project presented here please contact the magazine or the contact given in the treatment }

  • The Return of Nothing: The esoteric masterpiece fully scripted and ready to be produced that will have the film art critics raving. 'The Return of Nothing', a satire on 'the second coming of Jesus', coming back now and going insane only to be saved by Tibetan monks, rejecting them as corrupted and setting up the new religion combining East and West which leads him back to his home planet KLON, now owned by Apple-IBM-Microsoft: 'The Trinity'.



A Day in the Life of Canberra

Afghanistan and Mutiny: The Great Game

My Lai Part 2

Goolengook Part 2

Kashmir Part 2

Lockhart Part 2


Christ of Klon Chapter 2

Efil Ym Chapter 1

Diary of a Lost Backpacker (cont.)

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